Jacek Czerwonka

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Hi there, I’m Jacek, a software engineer at Microsoft. Previously, I worked on Windows, was a staff member at Microsoft Research. Currently, I’m working on Microsoft’s engineering system.

I am interested in the engineering process and tooling but in particular all aspects of verification e.g. testing, code reviewing, security, policy and compliance.

I like to look at engineering practices through data and attemtping to find what makes engineers productive and happy.

While my day job is in engineering, I and my team try to publish an occasional paper. I have been (in some cases still am) on program committees of several conferences: ICSE SEIP, ISSRE, ICPC, IWCT, and SANER.

Some of my more notable publications

My other stuff


Email is (still) best. I’m at: jcz(at)ieee.com or jacekcz(at)microsoft.com.